Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cider Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots

      I was looking for a way to save a little time and energy on Thanksgiving by roasting the carrots and Brussels Sprouts together.  This recipe for Cider Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots is a delicious medley of flavors and textures.  The cider transforms into a slightly sweet glaze, the walnuts add crunch and the thyme gives the vegetables a fresh, herblike fragrance.  Spread the carrots and sprouts in a single layer in the bottom of your oven, mix with the cider dressing and let your dutch oven do the work for you.  In my 12 inch oven they roasted in 20 minutes with 12 coals in a ring around the bottom and the lid completely covered with briquettes.  If you haven't figured it out by now I'm a big fan of roasting vegetables in a hot oven, when you see the steam pouring out from under the lid they are usually fork tender and ready for the table.

Cider Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots
1/2 cup apple cider
1 Tblsp Dijon mustard
2 Tblsp finely minced shallots
1 Tblsp olive oil
1/2 tsp thyme (fresh if you can get it)
Salt and pepper to taste
1 1/2 pounds Brussels Sprouts, trimmed and cleaned
3-5 large carrots, peeled and sliced
1/4 cup chopped walnuts (toasted, if desired)

     Lightly oil or spray dutch oven.
     Whisk together cider, mustard, shallots, olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme; mix until well combined.
     Arrange sprouts and carrots in single layer in bottom of prepared oven.
     Pour cider mixture over vegetables, tossing to coat well.
     Bake for 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees or until vegetables are fork tender.
     Sprinkle with walnuts and serve.

Arrange vegetables in single layer and toss with cider mixture

Roast for 20 minutes at 400 degrees or until fork tender

The walnuts add a crunchy finishing touch

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